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Internet Solutions
Tailored For Rural Communities

At Yama Broadband we are building internet infrastructure to bring high speed internet to rural communities. We are committed to bringing you the best experience through our services.

Our Services

Residential Services

High speed internet directly to the home!

Yama R70

Great for most families. High speeds for all your streaming, gaming, and everyday browsing.

Yama R90

Great for homes with smart devices and internet based security cameras.

Yama R100

Great for anybody with a home office. Blazing fast internet that allows you to do anything needed on the internet.

Business Services

High speed internet directly to businesses!

Yama B80

Great for most businesses. Reliable connection for payment processing and basic internet browsing.

Yama B120

Great for businesses with multiple internet users. High speeds for video conferencing and other business activities.

Yama B140

Great for companies that have many users and devices like internet cameras. High speeds for all business needs.

Buisness Services
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